It has been so long since I have recorded anything. However this does not mean that we haven’t been working. For the last month I have been working mainly on the basics with the aim in mind to have the children becoming more independent workers. I believe I am finally making great progress. My latest little success is our whiteboard chart. I have drawn up a grid on the board with each child down the column and all their seatwork subjects across the page. For some reason this really frees them up to work independently, as they finish a subject they tick their box. At the end of the week each child should have five ticks. If they have five ticks they receive a reward.

Xavier in particular is responding well to filling in the charts. He is often having his work completed by 9.30. He loves racing the clock. Dominic is still the one left long after the others although I am seeing slow progress. Another trick that worked for him recently for a time was the timer. He was racing the timer per sum to beat it. I think fo him he needs micro managing more.

M and M are making steady progess in their reading. Mariah astounds me at what she is capable of reading. Chiara is finally putting in some hard work, especially with her Lingua Mater. Her and I are doing the work together, I believe she enjoys the company.

Steady work in the Language Arts and the maths. And Dominic is making progress with his Confirmation preparation.