Greek History
Read ‘Perseus’. Dc narrated. Xavier was struck with how silly the Greek gods seemed to him.

French Revolution
Chiara worked onher narration of Song fo the Scaffold which has been turned into a book report.

Read the ‘Agony of the Garden’. The dc then narrated and ‘googled’ images to go with their work. The younger girls coloured in a picture I googled. Dc have been very unsettled listening to the Bible stories this week, and I wanted particular attention due to Lent.:(

I drew a chart on the whiteboard for the dc to tick as they completed their work. It was well received. Hopefully this will encourage more independence. Boxes ticked included, copywork, spelling, reading, dictation and maths. Xavier coped with his dictation much better today. He was far more willing to give it a go. Malachi read well. Not too sure that Dominic completed any maths:(