Monday’s are always difficult to motivate the dc:(

-Completed a timeline of the French Revolution.
Then had a bit of a cry over having to complete her other assigned notebooking pages on the FR. We then discussed the purpose of her education of why I assigned the pages. That my goal was for her to be articulate in speech and the written word. She then happily decided that she would only do the last two pages, which are a book report/narration and an overview essay on the FR.
-Started a narration on the ‘Song of the Scaffold’.

– Took a spelling test and 85%. He has improved so much.
-Copywork. Famous Greek sayings.
– Designed and worked on Xavier’s birthday present. He couldn’t focus on lessons as he desperately wanted to be working on the gift.

-Spelling test 80%.
-Wrote out new words.
-Worked on Dominic’s birthday present.

-Spelling, wrote out new list.
-Reading. M has improved incredibly this term. He has gone from not reading to reading fairly fluently in a short time. He is now managing a DK Level 2 reader in two days.:)
-Maths. Put in a huge effort and did four pages.

-Maths. Huge effort and completed six pages.