Changed our routine this morning. We started with our reads and then seatwork in the hope that some children are free to go once they finish their work. Like any change it will take a while to assess the results.

Greek History
Read Deucalion and the Flood and Cadmus and the Dragon’s Teeth.
As we read I got all the children to narrate orally what I read. They surprised me with the level of detail that they assimilate.

French Revolution
C worked on her ‘Song of the Scaffold’ a couple of times throughout the day/night.

Read the story of the Last Supper.
Not all listened the best as an arguement broke out in the midst:(
C wrote a narration on the computer. Very happy with hers. The boys and girls coloured in a picture of the Last Supper. They were meant to narrate but I ran out of energy. Hopefully tomorrow.

Language Arts
Spelling tests given to Malachi. Other dc revised their weekly lists.
-Copywork done by C and boys.
-Dictation given to C, D and X. X was not happy that I insisted that he do a narration. He finds it extremely difficult but I believe he needs to do it. D surprises me the level he is capable of, C excellent also.

-Reading, M and M read to me at night. Mariah surprised me by reading two of her stories and did very well. Malachi struggled with a Level 1 but read the whole book (I was very tired)

D and X worked hard on their maths at night. X has a happier attitude now and D at least gave it a good shot.