– D and X accomplished about 3 pages of maths each. C also did a fair amount of maths.
– Moved MJ up to DK Level 2 readers as he was breezing through Level 1 quite easily. Level 2 is a stretch but if he concentrates well he is fine. He is very excited about the move and has impressed me with his progress.
– MT is not progressing as well. She doesn’t like the Faith and Freedom readers and I am struggling to find a book suited to her level.
– C and boys worked on their handwriting.
– Boys wrote out their spelling words.
– X worked on his story.
– C did a page of dictation from Redwall.
– C made beautiful buns and bread for lunchJ
– Read St Patrick’s Summer Dc love this book and so do I.
– Played a Geography game with continent cards I made. The older dc took turns locating different places on the map. MJ got very frustrated as he wanted to locate places and he felt his reading held him back. When he calmed down he found he could read some place names. He also found it difficult that the colours on the continent cards were different to the ones on the map.