Today started much better, prayers were managed without altercations. I managed to juggle a little better today.
I had M and M read whilst the boys worked on their copywork. Reading is really picking up Malachi is feeling the pressure to keep ahead of Mariah.
C works independently in her room.
The boys copied the Hail Mary which was longer than I have expected in the past. They managed well.
Their dictation is picking up also, I will move D up to the next book tomorrow.
C did well with her dictation also. M and M have beautiful handwriting,
-Children started stories on snales.
– Maths was done, Xavier nearly finished book.
-Baltimore Catechism for children, C and D really ponderJ
– Started Ancient Greek, reading Children’s Homer.
-Chiara finished reading ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’
-Dancing lessons this afternoon.