– Prayers and hymn.
– Did Phonic sounds together.
– Copywork, I’ll start writing the younger boys out again, their writing isn’t as neat copying from a book. They struggle with sitting the letters on the lines correctly.
– The M’s read very well, Malachi still enjoying ‘Cowboy Sam’ and Mariah read Goldilocks, Ladybird reader.
– Xavier’s enjoying writing his ‘gold’ story.
– Malachi did last week’s spelling, all correct!! Other children wrote out their new words.
– Maths, Xavier received his new book and started. Mariah put in a big effort.
– Italian, Dominic filled in worksheet
– Latin, Chiara Prima Latina.
– History- Continued and finished the ‘Trojan Horse’ we enjoyed it a lot.
– Science- Chiara read about global warming.
– Geography- Chiara started her unit, looked up six different city names and wrote down their locations.
– Dance Lessons for the girls and Malachi. Boys stayed at home.