Thursday, January 25, 2007
This is the journal of Erin Hassett for the first school term of 2007.

I am preparing for the new school year. So far I have the Language Arts Program organized as is:
Language Arts
Allow an hour and a half for language arts.

1) Phonics/Reading- Daily

Immerse Mariah and Malachi in phonic sounds through repetition and games. Daily reading practice is to also be a part of this program. Both children are to be fluent readers by the end of the year. Xavier, Dominic and Chiara are to know thoroughly the double letter phonograms. Occasionally ask the older children to read aloud.

2)Copywork- Daily

Older children will write a poem or a Bible quote over a weekly period. Mariah will begin with basic letter formation. Insist on correct letter formation from all children.

3) Spelling – Daily

An intensive focus this year, we will use the Schonell lists learning a set group of words weekly. They will be revised throughout the week and then after a three week period all words will be revised via a dictation test. All children will do spelling.

4) Dictation- Daily

Daily write passages from the Queensland readers according to ability. Starting with studied dictation and moving to independent dictation. Standard expected is correct letter formation and punctuation and spelling. Three older children will do dictation.

5) Grammar- Twice Weekly

Intermediate Language Lessons for Chiara and Dominic
Primary Language Lessons for Xavier and Malachi.

6) Poetry/ Literature- Thrice Weekly

Read and enjoy nursery rhymes, poetry, book of virtues and Lamb’s Shakespeare.

7) Composition- Daily

Using a mixture of Story Starters, Bravewriter, Stories with a View and their own creativity the children are to devote at least half an hour a day to writing compositions. Completed and revised pieces are to be handed in regularly, at least one a fortnight. Chiara is also to produce written material on her subject readings. This may include notebook pages, notes or essays on set questions.


Literature choices are to be of a high level these are to include read alouds as a family and each of the three older children to also be reading from a set list. Chiara is to read a total of five books a term, Dominic to read three and Xavier to read one.
A family read aloud is to be regularly ‘on the go’. I will select different books each time with a different child in mind to ensure that all children’s ability and interest are catered for. Malachi and Mariah are also to enjoy ’rowing’ with some FIAR books. Books are to consist of a high level We will also continuously enjoy picture books as well as the chapter books.

Mathematics- Daily

We will continue using Singapore Maths. Children will work at their different levels. We will also focus on children being strong on table facts.